Woodland Carbon Code

The Woodland Carbon Code is a voluntary standard, initiated in July 2011, for woodland creation projects that make claims about the carbon they lock up.
Carbon dioxide, CO2, is the most common of the greenhouse gases, which are changing the earth’s climate through atmospheric warming. Growing trees sequester (absorb, take out of the atmosphere) CO2 and use carbon atoms to form wood while emitting oxygen back into the atmosphere. The amounts of CO2 removed from the atmosphere by the growing trees are measurable and are defined as Woodland Carbon Units (WCUs).
Each individual Woodland Carbon Code project goes through a complex process of registration, assessment and validation to reach the stage where the WCUs can be placed on the market to attract companies needing to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions.

Highfield Forestry Ltd has a track record of fully completed projects which brought extra income for the owners of recently planted new woodlands.

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