Woodland Management

Modern Forest Management has moved far beyond timber production. Sustainable forests should also meet conservation, recreation, and landscape objectives. Each owner has their own expectations and our role is to identify those and to build a plan that matches the client’s vision whilst fulfilling all regulations and standards. Our professional planning process uses the combination of traditional methods like site surveys with new technologies like GPS, GIS and aerial photography. This ensures that all of the issues are addressed appropriately and the potential of the woodland is fully explored. 

Managing existing woodlands – few examples of available woodland management services:

  • Planning – Forest Maps, Forest Design Plans, Felling Permission Applications, Deer Management Plans, Environmental Impact Assessments, Road Planning Applications.
  • Grant applications – all aspects of forestry grant schemes providing financial support for forest owners 
  • Felling and thinning– organising and managing of timber harvesting and marketing operations
  • Restocking – replanting the site according to up-to date standards that ensures successful regeneration
  • Fencing –competitive rates for high quality stock, deer, rabbit proof fences
  • Access – track and road construction, upgrade and maintenance
  • Fertilising and drainage – to ensure the best growth of the forest crop
  • Cultivation - The correct method and machinery can ensure successful establishment
  • Pest protection – professional and safe operations ensuring trees are safe from fungi, invasive plants, insects and mammal damage
  • Woodland evaluation – fast and accurate service
  • Forest certification – to manage woodlands according to the highest standards and achieve the best price for the timber
  • Forest selling and purchasing – advice and contacts
  • All associated book keeping and administrative requirements 

What can you expect from Highfield Forestry?

  • flexible arrangements – whether you require a small piece of advice, help with organising specific work or the full service to take your woodland management off your mind
  • good value for money – whatever your budget is we will make the most of it
  • extra benefits – our connections provide you with an opportunity to gain income from other non-timber products your woodland can offer – Christmas trees, sporting (fishing and shooting), large and small scale windfarms or carbon sequestration

If you would like to know more about our woodland management services, please contact us through email, phone, website or Facebook page

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