Woodland Carbon Code

Newly planted woodlands can be independently audited and certified under the UK Woodland Carbon Code

– the government backed standard that offers corporate partners complete assurance about the high quality of their carbon investment.

The amount of carbon your new woodland will store will depend on the type of woodland you wish to plant and how you plan to manage it. The amount of carbon sequestered is calculated at the beginning of a project and this is converted into credits which can be sold in 5 yearly intervals or all at once.

Projects are registered on the Markit Registry, the world's leading host of carbon mitigation and environmental project and credit data and offers the following benefits:

  • Public availability of background documents for all Woodland Carbon Code validated projects
  • The issuance of carbon credits, all with unique serial numbers, arising from validated projects
  • The ability to open accounts and transfer ownership of woodland carbon credits to corporate buyers

Current Projects:

  • Validated: 4 Gesto
  • Validated: Loch Duagrich

Highfield Forestry Ltd can assist you with the application and validation process for the UK Woodland Carbon Code.

All carbon credits from the schemes designed by Highfield Forestry have been sold, achieving prices above our expectations.

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